The My Generation show is an immersive 10 performers Rock n’ Roll extravaganza, written and produced by Hawaiian based band Lucky Tongue. The band wanted to bring credence to the spirit of the many songs they performed for years. They wanted the message of these songs to live again in the spirit of which they were written.  By arranging and producing the songs in a modern and more dramatic style it allows the listener to absorb the lyrics as if hearing the song for the first time. 


The show is designed to bring the message in these songs to a new generation and put the content of the music back on top, with clarity and thought. It is inspiring and convicting while making aware the history of a generation that started a change in society through song. A spirit of change that still lives on today. The audience is able to re-embrace or embrace for the first time the enthusiastic hope found in these treasured songs.The show demonstrates that these messages still hold true for our generation and are more valuable than ever before!


The setting is of a group of citizens who are presented with the challenges of society on a global level. They discuss briefly their ideas and challenges, then break into song to declare their conclusion. The musicians can not see the audience, while the four dancing and singing ladies can. They act as a bridge compelling the audience to cross over; to come alongside the writer’s ideology.


The band also performs three original songs that are of the same content. 


In this way Lucky Tongue uses the powerful media of music to point to a better way of life for all of mankind and the Earth. It’s an entertaining show founded on popular songs known and cherished by all ages, in every corner of the Earth.